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Startup Nations Awards

Welcome to the platform to nominate your ecosystem's policy shapers for the 2016 Startup Nations Awards.

Please review the Awards criteria and categories, and when ready to submit a nomination: 

1. Navigate to the homepage: https://startupnations2016.startupcompete.co/
2. Click on the Orange Button that says "CLICK HERE TO BEGIN"
3. Log In or Create a New User Account
4. If you are creating a new user account, then fill in the appropriate information.
5. Once you submit successfully (or log in), you should be redirected to a business profile section. This is where you fill in your organization's name and a brief sentence summary about it (only name and brief summary required).
6. After you submit the business profile successfully, you will then be able to begin the nomination application through this business profile you created. If the redirect does not occur, you can go back to the homepage and click the orange button to have the system reset and take you to the nomination application.

If you have any issues with the web platform, please email steven@gew.co for assistance. 

If you have general questions about the Startup Nations Awards, please email cristina@gew.co.